In today's world forced access to industrial premises are all too frequent. Every business owner should make it a priority to ensure their commercial space whether shop or warehouse is safe and secure

Our experienced engineers provide a range of effective security solutions for warehousing and logistics companies with a range of products and services that are ideal at minimising the risk of crime. As a warehouse it’s of vital importance that all high value stock you’re housing stays in perfect condition. Your brand quality is driven through you being able to deliver high quality uninterrupted services to your customers. If you are worried about a lack of security on your premises Carrington Doors expertly installed security solutions will provide you with peace of mind.


Roller Shutters

Custom made to suit all applications and can be quickly fitted to any door or window. Acting as a strong deterrent to the opportunist intruder they discourage crime and ensure peace of mind.  Roller Shutters can be manual push up/pull down or electrically operated and supplied in galvanised steel or powder coated in a vast range of colours.

Steel Security Barriers

Provide effective low cost, highly visible protection for vulnerable warehouse doors. Resistance to vehicle impact damage can be dramatically improved by the addition of a steel barrier from the Carrington range. Steel Security Barriers are manufactured from R.H.S. barrier with lifting handles and endcaps. Supported by welded angle receivers and secured by 2 No. cylinder pin locks.  Factory finished in black.

Steel Posts

Simple secure and cost-effective method of protecting your premises, or simply controlling access.  Precision manufactured in premium quality galvanised steel they give a perfect barrier to crime. The Security Posts lift out of the ground in seconds and are locked in the upright position using an integral high security push button lock.

Collapsible Security Guards

Available in a range of sliding and fixed grilles for windows and doors designed to deter burglars. Collapsible Security Guards can be fitted without the need to apply for planning permission and are powder coated as standard.  Guards are certified to LPS 1175 security rating 1.

Saving you time and money

As well as investing in the best possible security systems, the expertise of time-served installers will save you the long term hassle and costs incurred by incorrect or inexperienced fitting.

Keeping your stock safe

An essential part of a warehouse’s credibility is its security. With high volumes of stock being stored, keeping merchandise safe is vital. Damage to warehouse stores negatively impacts on profits, but you can take many steps to considerably reduce the risks. Carrington Doors offer a wide range of security products to help ensure your premises are safe and secure, including Roller Shutters, Steel Security Barriers, Static or Telescopic Security Posts, Ram Bars, Collapsible Security Guards and Bars. Our technical surveyors offer free advice on the best solutions for your individual security needs.


Roller security shutters


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We are committed to providing outstanding levels of customer service and using quality products fitted by our own installation teams, at competitive prices. Expert advice, free site surveys and full detailed quotes are all provided by our experienced and helpful staff.

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