Up and Over Doors

Choosing an operating mechanism that is suitable for your garage is as important as choosing the right door panel. Here we explain the difference between the two types of Up and Over mechanisms.

Canopy Door with steel frame
A single canopy door mechanism is contained within the door frame with no horizontal tracks protruding into the garage space. When opened, the door forms a ‘canopy’ with roughly one third of the door outside the garage. This is the best option for manual operation.

Key Information

  • Cost: Please contact us for competitive pricing
  • Automation: Possible with additional accessories
  • Insulation: No
  • Security: Good
  • Durability: Good

Single retractable doors open along horizontal tracks inside the garage and travel back into the garage space when opened. Retractable mechanisms are ideal for automatic operation.

Key Information

  • Cost: Please contact us for competitive pricing
  • Automation: Yes see Electric Options
  • Insulation: No
  • Security: Good
  • Durability: Good

Materials Available for Up and Over Doors

Our latest Steel Garage Doors have redesigned panel profiles, multi point locking and quality paint finishes making them the best looking yet affordable doors ever.

Stocked in white Steel Doors are also available in a wide range of colours, including Blue, Green, Red, Black and Brown

All garage doors are precision engineered from high-grade galvanised steel, to produce a garage door that will give years of reliable and trouble-free service. With a manufacturing process that uses the very latest production technology, each garage door is supported by a rigid box section framework for superior rigidity and sturdiness. All steel garage doors are supplied with a fine quality powder coated paint finish Euro-profile cylinder locks and handles.

This UV-fast low gloss white finish looks great and offers fantastic impact and dent resistance!  Built around a box section chassis this ultra crisp fully finished PVC plastic door panel offers you engineering excellence in a material to perfectly match your PVC doors and windows.

GRP garage doors are available in a wide range of attractive styles and finishes from ultra smooth, high white gloss to woodgrain finishes of golden brown, dark oak, cherry oak, mahogany, honey and matt white in a great range of styles to suit traditional or modern.

GRP garage doors are manufactured from tough and durable Glass Reinforced Polyester, supported on a rigid integral galvanised steel frame and fitted with high quality security lock and handles.

This resilient material needs very little maintenance, a quick wipe with a damp cloth is usually all thats needed to keep a GRP garage door looking its best.

For some there is no substitute for a timber garage door. Traditional values of craftmanship and natural materials make for a sensible choice, provided you invest in a little maintenance from time to time.

Using selected timber on a steel sub frame chassis, makes timber garage doors strong and rigid. Timber garage doors will last for years with the right care and attention along the way. All timber garage doors are supplied with high quality locks and handles.